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Welcome to The Booking Truth – a collection of insights grounded in the guest experiences of travelers that digs deep to provide a customer-centric view of travel in general, and hotels and other accommodations in particular.

We are launching The Booking Truth to make our insights available to anyone because we believe that everyone who has saved up for a vacation, travels for business away from their family, or just wants to get away deserves the best experience possible.

And we’ll all do a better job when we objectively listen to what our guests are telling us.

In many ways The Booking Truth might be one of the largest dedicated crowdsourcing efforts ever launched. When our guests travel, we always follow up to ask how the trip went and, with over 21 million (and growing) independent and verified reviews available, we have the means to put the true consumer voice back into the equation.

Our first two releases explore the overall customer experience map for North American travelers from the United States and Canada. You can see the results here and here.

Two different ways of looking at the same data – but one gives us the overall picture while the second lets us dig a little deeper.

The results are based on text mining more than 800,000 open-ended reviews from verified hotel stays, and a separate effort where we collected 1,200 stories about delightful hotel experiences so we could push the bounds beyond the typical satisfied/dissatisfied dichotomy. A more detailed overview of the methodology is available here.

What the reader does with these insights is up to them. But for Booking.com, it represents The Booking Truth – and we’ll continue to dig deeper and use these insights to deliver a better guest experience every day.

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